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Call Us Today!
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Mike's Tips

Sound Plumbing Advice

We love helping you with any plumbing issue you may have. Here are a few money-saving and stress-relieving tips.
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Tips for Conservation
  • Install a toilet flapper and valve to keep your toilet running efficiently.
  • Save energy by making sure the temperature on your water heater is below 120°F.
Tips for Preventing Leaks
  • During cold weather, cover outside faucets with insulation kits.
  • Make sure your water pressure is below 60 pounds.
Tips for Avoiding Clogs
  • Dissolve soap and greasy materials in your pipes by pouring a few gallons of boiled water down the sink about once a month.
  • Use a strainer in kitchen and bathroom sinks to prevent hair, soap and other items from going down the drain.

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